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Yunnan University Law School

Yunnan University School of Law

Yunnan University School of Law

Yunnan University (YNU) was founded in December 1923, which is among “211 Project” universities in China authorized by the Chinese central government. Yunnan University ranks 46 in Chinese university rankings in 2013. Yunnan University is located in Chinese famous spring city, Kunming.

YNU Law School was founded in 1931, which is one of the earliest law schools in China. In July 2012, YNU Law School was selected for the country’s application and complex education training base for outstanding legal talent by Ministry of Education and the Central Political and Law Commission. 

There are four departments, ten research institutes and ten research centers in YNU Law School. The departments list as, Theory Studies and Minority Law Studies department, Criminal Law and Anti-drug Law Studies department, Civil and Commercial Law and Intellectual Property Law Studies department and International Law and Southeast Asia and South Asia Law Studies department. 

Meanwhile, the editorial department of Journal of Yunnan University (Law Edition) is located in YNU Law School. There are two undergraduate major fields in law school, law and anti-drug studies. YNU Law School provides Master degree programs in 11 different sub-fields and also provides Juris Master degree programs. YNU Las School grants Ph.D. degrees in Minority Law Studies and International Law Studies. Currently there are 900 undergraduate students, 700 master's candidates and 500 students enrolled in the continue education program for master’s degree.

Now, YNU Law School has 95 staffs, 14 full professors, 35 associate professors, and 26 lecturers. More than 80% of them have master degrees or higher degrees. Meanwhile, more than 90% of the teaching staffs have studied or conducted academic exchanges in American, UK, Germany, Norway, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The construction and development of YNU Law School has unique characteristic. Combining with numerous minorities situation in Yunnan Province and the bordering area advantage with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, meanwhile, basing on the education mission, which is, basing on frontier, servicing Yunnan Province, raising standards and opening for Southeast Asia,  YNU Law School has built Minority Law Studies and Minority Law Studies research institutes. Currently, 

YNU Law School has created a high-level research team and has already had important impact at home and abroad. Minority Law Studies has topped the province’s list and Anti-drug Law, International Economic Law and Intellectual Property research have formed new features and advantages.

YNU Law School has trained a large number of outstanding legal expertises for the country and province. It has trained more than 2000 master’s degree students and 10000 undergraduate students.

Focus on improving the quality of training, YNU Law School also improves the level of research work. It has published more than 200 books and more than 2000 articles till now. The teaching staffs have finished more than 30 national programs and hundreds provincial programs. They are awarded for all levels of teaching and research awards hundred items. Many teachers get the title of provincial social science experts and awards

Up to date, YNU Law School has built sustained and steady relationships with famous Chinese universities, such as Peking University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law and Wuhan University. Respect to international exchanges, YNU Law School has spared no efforts in vigorously carrying out the research and education cooperation, offering the faculty and students chances to broaden their academic horizon and enhance international visions. 

YNU Law School has built sustained and steady relationships with University of Louisville, the University of Aberdeen, Oslo University, Leiden University, Hong Kong University, City University of Hong Kong, Soochow University and Yonok University. YNU Law School has built master students exchange program with Universität des Saarlandes.


YNU Law School can recruit international students, including master of laws students, juris master students and Ph.D students in Minority Law Studies and International Law Studies. The major for master of laws students list as:

1. Legal Theory Studies,

2. Legal History Studies,

3. Constitution and Administrative Law Studies,

4. Economic Law Studies,

5. Civil and Commercial Law Studies,

6. Intellectual Property Law Studies,

7. International Law Studies,

8. Criminal Law Studies,

9. Litigation Law Studies,

10. Environmental Law Studies,

11. Minority Law Studies.

The entrance examination is organized by the law school. Applicants can apply for the entrance examination at any time. Applicants pass the entrance examination will start to study in September each year.

If you need more specific information, please send email to:

Contact Information:

Yunnan University Law School

Address: Law School, Yunan University, Cuihu North road 2, Kunming, Yunnan, China, 650091

Fax: +86 871 65033171