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What We Do

In early July 2013, CMLC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Yunnan University Law School in southwest China to jointly implement the following programs:

#1 The Lancang-Mekong College of Law Project: An initiative  to bring together  students from the Greater Mekong Subregion for study in a two-year Masters-level law degree program, with a focus on solving problems unique to the region;

#2)  J.D. Initiative:  A program to prepare Chinese students to study for a local Bachelors in Law, as well as  a  U.S. Juris Doctor degree, in six-year integrated joint degree program;

#3) Law Clinic for Microcredit, Microinsurance and Microsurety:  A prospective law clinic providing an opportunity for law students, under the guidance of licensed lawyers, to provide pro bono legal advisory services to borrowers of microcredit and

#4) Public Procurement in the Mekong Region: A program for annual conferences and research programs for the study and exchange of experiences in government procurement in the region.