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JD Degree Initiative

China-Mekong Law Center’s J.D. Degree Initiative works to prepare Asian law students, or all ethnicities and means, for the challenges and academic rigor of the U.S. style Juris Doctor degree program, by 1) providing advance training to the student, 2) keeping the costs of U.S. legal education as low as possible for the student, and 3) making the unique legal training offered by a U.S. Juris Doctor degree program relevant to the students’ future career in their home countries:

U.S. legal education remains in high demand by students from around the world (at a time when U.S. student applications to U.S. law schools are in a period of decline).  Notwithstanding, most non-U.S. students are excluded from studying for the J.D. degree, relegated to pursuing the less intensive one-year LL.M. (Masters of Law) degree offered at many U.S. law schools, due largely to the higher cost and rigorous academic demands of the former.  China-Mekong hopes to change this dynamic, by preparing students from China and other Mekong Region countries to not only gain entrance into U.S. Juris Doctor programs, but excel in their subsequent studies.  In order to keep costs down, China-Mekong strives to create a seamless six-year integrated Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor dual degree program between Asian and U.S. law schools. Facilitating Asian students completion of the U.S. Juris Doctor degree program offers the prospect of well-trained, critically thinking, problem-solving cadre of lawyers returning home to their local, often disadvantaged, communities with the necessary skills to improve the lives of so many.

CMLC’s strategy provides American style law courses to Asian law students at an early stage, in both the sophomore and junior years of their home school Bachelor of Laws degree program, well before the student enters a U.S. J.D. degree program.  In order to make this U.S. style training relevant to the students’ home country legal system, the advance training period provides subjects derived from CMLC’s unique course offerings in comparative law, first developed in Beijing.

Students interested in joining CMLC’s J.D. Degree Initiative first go through an evaluation and application process that tests their English language fluency and their analytical skills, as well as their commitment to ultimately serving their local communities. Once accepted, the student will join a select cohort of students designated to participate in CMLC’s special training regimen, offered to the student at no cost.  CMLC then works closely with each student to advise on learning strategies and strengthen student capacity for mastering U.S. style legal education.  CMLC closely monitors and manage the students’ transition from home school undergraduate law studies to successful entry and completion of the U.S. Juris Doctor degree program.  With CMLC support, students ultimately gain proficiency in legal analysis, writing skills and problem solving strategies uniquely available through study in a U.S.  J.D. degree program.

Since CMLC endeavors to make its JD Degree Initiative program available to all qualified students, regardless of economic means, CMLC desperately needs financial support from those who identify with our mission.  We need funds to not only offering students better advance training courses at their home undergraduate programs, but also scholarship funds to help the student to pursue the U.S. Juris Doctor degree.  Please donate.