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Public Procurement

Public Procurement Law (PPL) is designed to ensure the best value for taxpayer monies in the purchase of goods, construction and services across the broad spectrum of public projects and infrastructure.  PPL and related policies promote the fundamental building blocks of a market economy: healthy and equitable competition, transparency, and fair dealing (counter-corruption). CMLC has a rich history of training and publication in the development of PPL in Asia, particularly China.  CMLC President, Daniel J. Mitterhoff, was an early pioneer in this area, having lectured to an audience of officials and professionals from the lower Mekong Region countries on the subject in 1995.  From 1999-2002, Mr. Mitterhoff served as a periodic advisor to  China’s National People’s Congress, Financial and Economic Committee’s drafting team for China’s 2002 Government Procurement Law and launched China’s first-ever Government Procurement Law class at Peking University Law School (PKU) in 2003.  Also in 2003, CMLC, jointly with PKU, received a grant from the U.S.-China Legal Cooperation Fund to support research on the emergence of China’s bid challenge system (bid protest system) under which disappointed bidders challenge the legality of the government’s contract award process. This grant was instrumental in establishing CMLC as a key repository for Chinese bid adjudications and for gathering data and other materials for improving the CMLC sponsored Comparative Government Procurement Law Course offered in China (and soon Thailand).

CMLC also supported the establishment of the Research Center for Government Procurement and Public Construction at the Central University of Finance and Economics in China.  CMLC President, Daniel J, Mitterhoff, who served as Founding Director this Beijing-based research center, continues to lecture to Chinese and Thai audiences on public procurement law reform and to publish important analyses of developments in Chinese public procurement  (in Chinese and English), both to enhance western understanding of the Chinese public contract system and increase Chinese understanding of what reforms are required in order for China to reach its goal of a transparent, fair, open and competitive public procurement system (See Publications).

Under CMLC’s new partnership with Yunnan University Law School, CMLC hopes to strengthen its contribution to public procurement reform in East Asia with 1) continued teaching, research and publications on the subject; 2) training of officials from the Mekong Region on key strategies for public procurement reform; and 3) technical assistance for government officials in regulation drafting, better policy formation and implementation, promotion of ethical behavior and handling, analysis and disposition of bid protests. Bi-annual conferences are planned to bring officials, practitioners and academics from throughout the Mekong Region together to discuss and compare experiences in public procurement reform and promote best practices.

In order for CMLC to contribute to transparency, ethical practices, competition and best value in East Asia, we need supporters like you to be part of our Public Procurement Law initiative. Please donate.