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Our History

Established on August 13, 1996, China-Mekong Law Center (“CMLC”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the District of Columbia.  CMLC carries out its mission with a focus on 1) assisting scholars and students from Asia studying in the U.S., 2) legal research on problems impacting reform of Asian legal systems and 3) improving learning opportunities in legal education in China and the countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam).  


CMLC U.S. Scholars/Students Opportunity Program:  CMLC has provided financial and logistical assistance to Chinese and Southeast Asian scholars visiting the U.S., including welcoming law-related delegations visiting from the region.  CMLC also regularly hires interns from China and the Mekong Subregion to work on CMLC research projects.

CMLC Research Programs:  CMLC has developed a special expertise in Public Procurement Law and Local Finance Regimes in China, drawn from a number of research and training programs in which CMLC has taken a leading position or otherwise participated.  These include training and legislative drafting programs on government procurement law in China and Thailand; a research program on “Chinese Bid Protests,” implemented in cooperation with Beijing University Law School, and financed by the U.S.-China Legal Cooperation Fund; a study of the legal framework for construction surety in China, financed by the International Surety Association; a two-year fieldwork study on China’s system for microcredit, supported by the Fetzer Foundation and the University of Maryland School of Law; and a study on Thailand’s public procurement system.

Improving Legal Education in China: CMLC has performed a facilitative role on a number of programs designed to improve legal education in Asia, including the establishment of China’s first Government Procurement Law course (at Beijing University and the Central University of Finance and Economics-CUFE); and the establishment of a Public Procurement Research Center and Student Exchange program at CUFE, the latter a cooperative program between University of Maryland School of Law and CUFE.  The exchange program brought Chinese and international students together for study in Beijing during autumn semesters and provided for Chinese students to visit overseas partner schools for spring semesters, creating a one-year collaborative study opportunity for the students.  CMLC President, Daniel J. Mitterhoff served as Director of the Maryland-CUFE Cooperative Program for over 5 years, securing American Bar Association approval for the program.

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