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In The News: CMLC Making Strides In Greater Mekong Subregion




In The News: CMLC Making Strides In Greater Mekong Subregion

Daniel J. Mitterhoff

CMLC continues its efforts to build bridges to various institutions in the Greater Mekong Subregion.  In December 2013, Daniel Mitterhoff, President of China-Mekong Law Center, visited Thailand's Khon Kaen University Law Faculty (KKU) where he presented on CMLC programs and had an open discussion with the KKU Law Dean, various members of the KKU Law Faculty, and even KKU students.  The KKU Law Faculty expressed keen interest in linking its law degree programs with the CMLC inspired "Lancang-Mekong International Law College Project" being implemented at Yunnan University Law School. During his visit to Khon Kaen, Mr. Mitterhoff also met with the Mekong Institute, a multilateral organization composed of all the Mekong Region countries, whose representatives confirmed the importance of creating a regional law degree program for students from throughout the region. Read More >>>